We are

At Promignis, we strive to make high quality user-centric software products.


At Promignis we care deeply about our craft, products we build, technology, research and learning. We enjoy looking at problems from first principles, developing our intuition and building high quality solutions.

We take inspiration from nature, history, world around us, experts from various domains with a focus on creating great products that solve our users' problems, save them time and create value for them. We care about Productivity, User Experience, Automation and Elegant Design.

Connect with your customers with IgnisLetter

Everyday your users login in to the dashboard, but are you able to connect, engage and interact with them? Is onboarding a new customer still a hassle?

Introducing IgnisLetter, educational content marketing in your dashboard. IgnisLetter goes inside your dashboard and looks like your dashboard.

Create articles, videos, podcasts and educate your customers, allow them to interact - like, comment and share.


From hardware to software, we enjoy solving problems across the layers of the stack - Design, Frontend, Backend, System Admin, Devops, Networking, IoT.

Procedural to Functional programming, Dynamic to Static types, using state of the art techniques to build technologies, we put emphasis on best practices like testing, code quality, build automation for solid products.


A team of best friends who embarked on an arduous journey of entrepreneurship, startups and have managed to come out stronger.

We are technology nerds who love learning new things and creating value.

We enjoy what we do - building great products and making the lives of our customers better.

Sahebjot Singh

Founder & CEO

Revant Kumar Jha

Founder & CTO

Sathyanarayan Ravi

Founder & COO